September is National Potato Month

Potatoes are loved by everyone for their taste and great versatility.  No wonder they have an entire month dedicated to them. There are close to 4,000 varieties of potatoes that exist around the world and the common types are russet, red, yellow, purple; and now fingerlings have joined the most popular list. Fingerling potatoes are […]


The New Vegetable Pizza

A picture is worth a thousand words. But we want to add a few: Pizza sales in restaurants have never been better and gourmet pizzas are at the top of price point and profitability. Adding vegetables elevates the pizza and helps to diminish the carb guilt. So we’ve heard.


Perennial or Quintessential?

Yes, that is the question. Everyone loves carrots; but peeling not so much. In this case, we’ve done the work for you. Baby peeled carrots are ready to eat as is and ready to prepare. And they taste as wonderful as they look. Easy-peasy.


Heirloom Treasures

Bruschetta with tomatoes is ubiquitous. Stepping-up an operator menu would list Marinated Baby Heirloom Tomato Bruschetta. Adding burrata cheese listed in the recipe could command a special or LTO price while providing your customers that seasonal, fresh and flavorful experience.


Greens with Superpowers

Operators want differentiation and a solution to offer more plant-based menu items and ones that can pack a punch – in more ways than one. These nutritionally-dense greens do just that. Sandwiches and salads made with these super powers will fuel your customer’s needs for super-charged nutrition and strengthen sales.