Small Size Big Impact

Baby vegetables hit French cuisines in the 60’s for their novelty and then made their way to the retail scene in the mid 80’s. Today, bite-sized vegetables are widely showcased for their miniature size and flavor but also for a healthy snacking convenience.

Spicy Thai Basil Cucumber Cocktail

INGREDIENTS 8-10 leaves Thai basil2 Tbsp organic sugar1/2 lime quartered2- 1/8 inch slices fresh jalapeno2- 1/8 inch slices banana pepper2 oz cucumber juice from muddled cucumber2 oz white rum DIRECTIONS: In the bottom of a cocktail shaker, muddle basil, lime, sugar and peppers. Add cucumber juice and rum and muddle again. Add ice and shake. […]

Sparkling Tarragon Gin Lemonade

INGREDIENTS 10 large sprigs tarragon2 lemons, thinly sliced2 tablespoons sugar3/4 cup gin3/4 cup St-Germain (elderflower liqueur)1/3 cup fresh lemon juice1 12-ounce can club soda DIRECTIONS: Muddle tarragon sprigs, lemon slices, and sugar in a large pitcher. Add gin, St-Germain, lemon juice, and club soda. Add ice and stir to combine. Serve over ice. SERVES: 6 […]

Rosemary Greyhound Cocktail

INGREDIENTS 1 cup sugar1 cup water4 fresh rosemary sprigs1-1/2 ounces grapefruit vodka3/4 ounce grapefruit juice1/2 ounce lime juice1/2 ounce rosemary simple syrup DIRECTIONS: For rosemary simple syrup – add sugar, water and rosemary sprigs to a medium saucepan over medium-high heat. Bring to a boil, stirring until sugar has completely dissolved. Remove from heat and allow […]

Pink Peppercorn and Thyme Soda

INGREDIENTS 8 whole star anise2 tablespoons whole pink peppercorns plus additional for garnish1 tablespoon whole cloves3 cups water1 cup sugar1/2 cup fresh thyme sprigs plus 8 additional sprigs for garnishIce cubes4 cups chilled club soda DIRECTIONS: Toast anise, 2 tablespoons peppercorns, and cloves in small skillet over medium-high heat until aromatic, stirring often, about 2 […]

Prescription Mint Julep

INGREDIENTS 10 mint leaves1 tablespoon Simple Syrup3 tablespoons VSOP Cognac2 tablespoons rye whiskey4 mint sprigs DIRECTIONS: Lightly muddle mint leaves and Simple Syrup in a mixing glass. Stir in Cognac and whiskey. Fill a Julep cup or glass with crushed ice. Pour mixture over. Stir until frost forms on outside of cup. Add more crushed […]

Gin with Lemon & Sage

INGREDIENTS 1/2 cup sugar1 1/2 ounce Tanqueray Gin3/4 ounce fresh lemon juice4 fresh sage leaves (3 for simple syrup and 1 for garnish)1 ounce sage infused simple syrup1 egg white DIRECTIONS: In a small pan, bring a 1/2 cup of water and a half cup of sugar to a boil. Add the sage leaves and […]

Cucumber Mint Basil Soda

INGREDIENTS 1 1/2 cups Simple Syrup1/2 large cucumber (about 8 oz.), thinly sliced crosswise, plus 12 slices for garnish24 fresh mint leaves plus 12 sprigs for garnish12 fresh basil leaves6 cups soda water, divided DIRECTIONS: Bring 1 1/2 cups simple syrup to a boil in a small saucepan. Remove pan from heat and add cucumber […]

Blackberry Gin Fizz

INGREDIENTS 1 6–ounce container blackberries1/2 cup sugar2 cups gin1 cup fresh lime juiceClub soda8 sprigs Thai basil or sweet basil DIRECTIONS: Purée blackberries and sugar in a blender. Let stand, stirring occasionally, until sugar is dissolved, about 10 minutes. Strain purée through a fine-mesh sieve into a pitcher (there will be about 3/4 cup); discard […]