National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month

June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month

This is the best month ever!  We get to celebrate all fruits and vegetables and encourage everyone to try something new.  And, we encourage all operators to celebrate the month with an expanded variety of side dishes, vegetable salads and fruit-forward desserts.  And don’t forget the smoothies and cocktails.  Olives are vegetables, right?

Whether you aim for 5 or more a day or to eat the rainbow, there’s no mistaking that eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables everyday is good for your heart and overall health.  So, make the most of it this month and we guarantee you might stick with it because, fruits and vegetables are delicious and so versatile.

Our feature recipe this month is a traditional with a twist.  This green bean salad features baby heirloom tomatoes and tangy feta cheese.  This is a great salad to feature on Father’s Day menus and to celebrate the beginning of summer June 21st.  Green bean baby heirloom LTO?

Harvest Sensations is a big importer of green beans from our global partner growers so we can ensure SENSATIONALLY FRESH® green beans are available to consumers and chefs all year long.

Happy Father’s Day, enjoy your summer and eat lots of fruits and vegetables!