Nutty Wild Rice and Shredded Brussels Sprout Stuffed Mini Pumpkins

Ahhhhhh Autumn

As the day’s light ends earlier and the weather transitions from summer to winter, we witness the leaves on trees become fiery with color and then fall – indicative of the season’s American name.

We are lucky to have an almost seasonless supply of most fruits and vegetables, but we are looking forward to seasonal varieties such as winter squashes, known for cold night hearty meals and deliciously comforting baked apple or pear desserts by the fire.

Winter squashes come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors and offer as many interesting ways to prepare them.   Many squashes tend to be rather plain in flavor and that is the key to transforming them into side and main dish sensations as they take on the flavors you cook them with.  They can be prepared to be sweet or savory.

For a spectacular presentation, use winter squashes as edible serving vessels.  Mini pumpkins can hold stuffing and wild rice, Kabocha is a perfect bowl for holding soup, and the turban is a colorful way to present dip on a crudité platter.

Winter squashes and specialty fruits like tiny Seckel pears are available from Harvest Sensations as part of our Fall Sensationally Fresh® offerings. But, if preparing winter squash is a bit challenging, we do sell Organic Diced Butternut Squash in a 5/2lb count bag and summer squashes year-round.

Here’s wishing you a colorful and happy Autumn!