Summer Salad Days

It’s the last month of summer and due to be a hot one.  If you are anything like us, cooking is the last thing on your mind.  Thank goodness for air conditioned restaurants and the dedicated chefs who select seasonal fresh items to incorporate into their menus, all just for us.

Eating lighter during the summer is kind of de rigueur.  And we love the combination of naturally sweet summer fruit paired with the taste of clean, fresh herbs, a bite of onion and some tangy cheese.  Adding a piece of grilled chicken or fish complements a salad like this for an easy entrée.

If you are a professional chef and are looking for a source of year-round herbs that can be chef-direct, give us a call or ask for Harvest Sensations brand of herbs when ordering from your distributor.  Global farms are our local backyards as it is our priority to source the best ingredients, period.

Try this Cantaloupe Salad with Fresh Herbs, Feta and Pepitas and let us know how it goes.  I’m making mine this weekend.

Happy rest of your summer!